Best Coffee Shops in Overland Park: A Local’s Guide

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Discover the best coffee shops in Overland Park KS! Explore your new favorite spots in downtown OP for great coffee and cozy atmospheres.

The Best Coffee Shops in Overland Park

There’s no shortage of coffee shops in Overland Park, thank goodness. However, with so many great options how does one possibly decide? Some are great for catching up with friends, others have an ambiance ideal for getting some serious work done, and there are a few great spots to host business meetings. As a local, I’ve done the difficult task of trying out the different coffee shops and cafés and compiled this guide. Keep reading to discover the best coffee shops in Overland Park.

The Best Coffee Shops in Overland Park- Downtown

Best Coffee Shops in Downtown Overland Park

Downtown Overland Park is such a great area, full of many neighborhood shops, cafés and restaurants. The downtown area has developed over the years (this was a divisive issue for a few years). It still has the charm, you can find in many small-town Main Streets, but it has also grown with new lofts and a food hall with bars and more modern restaurants.

On Saturdays, beginning in April, the downtown is packed with people attending the Overland Park Farmer’s Market. People come from all over the Kansas City Metro area to shop from local vendors selling everything from fresh produce to local items like handmade salsa or donuts. In early December the market transforms into a one-day Holiday Market, which is just as fun as the farmer’s market as someone who likes to romanticize every aspect of her life, a Saturday at the market is incomplete without a fresh cup of coffee in hand. Two of my favorite coffee shops just so happen to be located in the downtown OP (OP, is how we locals refer to Overland Park).

Homer’s Coffee

Homer’s was my go to coffee shop for years! When I was in real estate, I met with a group of business professionals at the Matt Ross Community Center every Thursday morning for a networking event. The community center was located within walking distance from Homer’s Coffee House. It was so convenient to stop by after the meeting was over and grab my favorite latte (sugar-free vanilla) before heading to the office.

Homer’s is committed to creating an inclusive community while supporting the locals. One way they do this is by hosting live music on the weekends. Check out the calendar to see who is playing next!

Parisi Coffee

Also located in Downtown Overland Park is Parisi Coffee. Parisi Coffee is a super chic coffee shop that makes you feel like you’re in a European café. They have plenty of comfy chairs and a little patio if you want to sit outside.

One cool thing to know about Parisi is that they own and operate one of the largest green coffee storage and coffee roasting facilities in the Midwest. Their espresso drinks are fabulous, and they have some of the best seasonal coffee drinks. My favorite summer menu item is the Iced Pistachio Oat Milk Latté- it’s incredible! It is one of those places that makes you feel cooler just being there. Parisi also has a downtown location inside Union Station.

The Best Coffee Shops in Overland Park for Business Meetings

Best Coffee Shops for Business Meetings in Overland Park

As I mentioned above, I used to belong to a networking group that would meet weekly. One of the membership requirements was that we get to know each other outside of the group meeting, in a one-to-one setting. It was a great way to learn more about each other’s businesses, who our ideal clients were, and how we could best pass referrals. While I was a part of the group, I tried to meet with at least one member each week. Often these meetings were held at a local coffee shop. Below are some of my favorite coffee shops for networking or hosting a business meeting.

Brew HaHa

Brew HaHa is located in Overland Park strip mall right off a major KC freeway, HWY 35. This makes it very convenient for almost everyone to get to. I love that many of the items on the menu are made in-house. They roast their own coffee, bake their own sweet treats, and they even make their own flavored syrups. The cold brew is supposed to be outta this world. Truthfully, I have yet to try it. My go-to order here is a black cup of coffee.

During the week, entrepreneurs and other professionals gather in the family-owned coffee shop to connect and network. They even have a space that can be rented for larger business meetings and private events. The first Saturday of the month Brew HaHa hosts an event called Shop Small Saturdays where local artists and vendors can set up a booth and promote their wares.

Pilgrim Coffee Company

Pilgrim Coffee Company is in South Overland Park, close to Town Center. Its location and ample seating make it a great place for business meetings. They have a small private room that can be reserved for groups of up to 10. Larger groups can order catering-sizes for coffee and also pre-order handcrafted pastries online.

This is one of my go-to coffee shops on a rainy day. The massive windows and white-washed walls, somehow make the day feel less gloomy. That, and their delicious latte with house-made lavender syrup also helps. Menu options at Pilgrim are quite extensive- everything from quiche to pastries and gluten free options.

Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities is a cute little coffee shop off 87th Street in Overland Park. Of course, they have a coffee and tea menu but they also have a nice list of adult beverages. One of their signature drinks is the Bourbon Vanilla Latte, and it is fantastic! The barista suggested adding cinnamon and honey to it, and it took it over the top. All of the pastries come from Kate Smith Soiree. Although I didn’t need to get a pastry (the latte was like dessert), I did. Because you can’t pass up the opportunity to have a luxe bakery good from Kate Smith, and I couldn’t resist the apple crumb muffin.

The coffee shop can be rented out for large business meetings or is a great spot to meet with someone one-to-one.

The Best Coffee Shops in Overland Park with a Vibe

Some coffee shops have a cozy and intimate vibe. You know the kind of coffee shop where the music is calming, and the atmosphere is relaxing. It’s the type of place you can go to get some work done or get lost in a good book for a few hours. Then there are some coffee shops with totally unique vibes. There are two of these types of coffee shops that come to mind in Overland Park.

Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout

Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout is a 70s-themed coffee shop. Don’t be surprised if you hear tunes that are a blast from the past, like Rolling Stones or the Bee Gees. Owners, Madi and Lisa are a mother/daughter team, dedicated to serving up fun in a coffee cup. The coffee shop is decked out with vintage vinyl, disco balls, and vintage 70s posters. It is such a fun place. Don’t worry if you can’t decide which seasonal coffee to try, they have coffee flights!

Cardboard Corner

Cardboard Corner is part coffee shop and part board game café. The walls are lined with shelves full of hundreds of handpicked board games. It’s a place for newbies and seasoned gaming pros alike. They have open play days and events where you can learn to play games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Drip coffee has free refills so you can stay caffeinated for hours and extend your gaming. They also have a full bar menu with monthly specials like the pistachio latte. The food menu is small and great if you love waffles, which I do. They have everything from sweet waffles like the blueberry streusel to savory pizza waffles and even gluten-free options.

Final Thoughts on the Best Coffee Shops in Overland Park

The Best Overland Park Coffee Shops

There are many great coffee shops, but as you can tell I prefer to support the local places. Undoubtedly, Overland Park has many fantastic options. However, I don’t recommend visiting them all in one day…unless you switch to decaf!

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26 responses to “Best Coffee Shops in Overland Park: A Local’s Guide”

  1. Tyler Avatar

    Cool post! I’m more of a hot chocolate kind of woman but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t appreciate the atmosphere of a nice coffee shop. Not to mention their desserts sound good!

    1. katie Avatar

      I am sure any of the places make fantastic hot chocolates!

  2. Ambra Avatar

    Great guide! As an Italian and a cappuccino lover, I can’t wait to try these coffee shops. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy them!

  3. Shakia Avatar

    This was such a great coffee shop guide! I love exploring new coffee shops in a new town. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed the post!

  4. Jenn Avatar

    The Parisi Cafe sounds so pretty! I love European aesthetic! What a great post with so many diff options!

    1. katie Avatar

      Parisi is a vibe! It’s so easy to spend a morning there pretending to be in Europe!

  5. Sonia Avatar

    I like the look of the Parisi Café. I prefer local shops like you do.

    1. katie Avatar

      Local places are my favorite! I love to support small businesses

  6. Karen Kasberg Avatar

    I love a good cup of coffee and appreciate knowing what coffee shops to visit to grab a cup of Joe! If I’m ever in the area, I’ll be sure to check these coffee shops out.

    1. katie Avatar

      Yes, any of them would be great for a first-time visitor to OP

  7. Tracy McHugh Avatar
    Tracy McHugh

    It’s been years since I visited Overland Park. I love a good cafe or coffee shop. Will have to check some of these out next time I am in the region.

    1. katie Avatar

      Yes, next time you are in the area you will have to check them out!

  8. Sandi Avatar

    Jinkies! sounds like the perfect throwback coffee shop, hoping I’ll feel like I’m back in high school.

    1. katie Avatar

      haha! Absolutely! It is such a fun spot!

  9. Monika Avatar

    I am such a coffee lover. I love just going to the caffee and relax. Sometimes I take my kids and books and we just have an hour reading. These places would be perfect. Thank you recommendation.

    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you for stopping by! They would all be great places to spend an hour with the kiddos!

  10. Pauline Stephens Avatar

    Thank you for documenting and taking us on this journey with you. I can tell you put in a lot of work compiling this list of coffee shops in overland.

  11. Josy A Avatar

    It sounds like residents of Overland Park have good taste in coffee – you have so many great-sounding options for a caffeine fix! I love the sound of Jinkies – what a hoot. 🙂

  12. Stephanie Avatar

    Bear Necessities sounds like a must-visit. The drink you got sounds AMAZING and I love desserts.

    1. katie Avatar

      It was soooo good! 10/10

  13. Anja Avatar

    I love coffee, and religiously make my own at home, Italian style. When I travel, I love to try new coffee roasters and small independent shops, this is bookmarked, thank you so much!

    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you for stopping by! I am usually an at home coffee drinker myself, but it’s fun to check out cute local shops from time to time!

  14. Tiffany Avatar

    Parisi Coffee is a vibe and I’m here for it!! Sipping my coffee at home today but imagining I’m right there in the cafe. So pretty!

    1. katie Avatar

      It is such a vibe! I could spend all day there pretending I’m in a European cafe!

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