Stop Stressing Over Your Destination Wedding- Call a Travel Advisor

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It’s a familiar story. A couple gets engaged and becomes really excited about a destination wedding until they start thinking about questions. Questions about location, flights, rooms, transfers. Planning a destination wedding by yourself can be daunting and the couple often becomes overwhelmed.

Does this sound like you? If so, the most important question you should be asking as a newly engaged couple is, “Should I hire a travel advisor to help me with this?” The answer is absolutely yes!

How does a travel advisor help with destination wedding?

Travel advisors will help you determine the best resort for your wedding based on first-hand experience. They know which resorts offer perks and which ones have the best prices. They often have exemplary relationships with wedding planners and staff so they can get information more quickly than you can on your own.

Best of all, they will handle all of the travel arrangements for you and your guests. Can you imagine trying to book Aunt Becky’s transfers and room at the same time you are sending out invitations and scheduling bridal fittings?

Once your party has arrived at the destination, your travel advisor will still be providing support. When cousin Eddy doesn’t like his room, he can call the travel advisor to have it all worked out instead of asking you to fix it. Having a travel advisor in your back pocket will give you an added layer of insulation between all the things that could go wrong with travel and the real reason why you are there – your wedding.

If you choose an international location, this may be the first time some of your guests have ever been out of the country. They are sure to have plenty of questions about passports, traveling during the time of Covid, and what happens if they need to cancel their trip. Instead of calling you to have their questions answered, your travel advisor will provide expert answers to ensure they are ready to travel. Your travel advisor will also be able to answer simpler questions about the dress code for the resort or if the menu has gluten-free options.

On occasion, your travel advisor may be able to provide on-site support. In this case, the travel advisor would travel with you and be available to assist the group for the entire time they are at the destination.

Will I still need a wedding planner if I’ve hired a travel advisor?

Yes. Your travel advisor and the onsite wedding planner will work together to help you celebrate your marriage.

Your travel advisor will be in charge of helping you choose a location that fits your budget, style, and preferences. They will also book all travel arrangements for you and your guests and help with any issues that may come up while traveling.

The onsite wedding planner is in charge of the day-of details on your wedding day. Additionally, they will help you with wedding plan packages and options to secure florists, photographers, and caterers.

When should you hire a travel advisor to help you plan your destination wedding?

You should hire a travel advisor as soon as you have decided to have a destination wedding. Their primary job is to help you determine the venue which is one of the first things you should secure in the planning process.

How can you prepare for the first meeting with your travel advisor?

When you visit your travel advisor for the first time, be ready to answer the following questions:

• What is the approximate number of guests you are expecting?

• Are any of these guests under 18?

• Do you have a preferred resort or destination in mind?

• Would you like to host other events, such as the rehearsal dinner, bachelor/bachelorette party, or a celebration brunch.

It’s okay if you don’t have all of this information nailed down the first time you talk to your travel advisor.

Travel agents are a must-have for a destination wedding!

A destination wedding is essentially planning a huge group vacation with all the added details of planning your wedding. There are many logistics involved which can become taxing. At Imagine Travel, we have travel advisors who are Certified Destination Wedding Experts. Let us take the stress of planning group travel off your plate.

See what it is like to work with Imagine Travel for your Destination Wedding. We understand the significance of such an important event for you and your fiancé, and you should leave nothing to chance. Our mission is to turn your wedding vision into reality, and make it as stress free as possible. Schedule your complimentary destination wedding consultation today.

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