Gifts for Cruise Lovers: 80 Awesome Gifts They Actually Want

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Are you looking for the best gifts for cruise lovers? Keep reading for 80 gift ideas that are perfect for the cruise lover in your life.

The Best Gifts for Cruise Lovers

Gift giving can be hard, but stress no more! There are plenty of fun and unique gift ideas for the avid cruiser. Whether you are shopping for gifts for the holiday season, a birthday, or just because, this list has 80 of the best cruise gift ideas that the person on your gift list is sure to love.

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Unique Gift Ideas for Any Cruise Addict

One of the best parts about a cruise is the excitement and anticipation in the weeks leading up to the cruise vacation itself. These gifts are fun gifts that can be used any time of year to help get the cruiser in your life jazzed about their upcoming trip.

1. Cruise Fund Jar

A cruise fund jar is a fun way to help your frequent cruiser save up for their next cruise. The savings could be put towards a drink package, spa appointment, or even shore excursions.

2. Wine Tumbler

These cute wine tumblers are just as fun to use before the trip, as they are to use during the cruise. They are insulated and come with cute sayings- they would be perfect to use on the pool deck!

3. Fun Socks

Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks?! These are super cozy and come in so many different options- everything from socks with funny sayings to nautical-themed socks.  

4. Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are great gift ideas for cruisers who also happen to be coffee lovers.

5. Cruise Nail Decals

These nail decals are so fun! I have been known to get my nails done before a trip, and having a nautical themed manicure is such a fun way to get into the spirit of the trip.

6. Koozies

Koozies are an awesome gift, that can easily be taken aboard the ship. They would be a perfect gift for everyone going on a group cruise to celebrate something special like the wedding of a best friend or family member.

7. Nautical Theme Cookie Cutters

These cute cookie cutters would be a fun gift, that they would never expect.

8. Cruise Ship Ornament

This beautiful glass-blown ornament, by Old World Christmas, would look beautiful on the tree.

9. Cruise Cabin Door Decoration Set

How fun is this set of cruise cabin decorations? It would be a great gift for a first-time cruiser or someone celebrating a special occasion.

Practical Gifts for the Cruise Cabin

Cruise cabins are small. If someone on your gift list is a first-time cruiser, they might not be aware of just how small the cabins are. The items listed below, are what I consider cruise essentials. These gifts are super helpful in making the most out of the space and will help your cruiser create a more relaxing stateroom.

10. Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks are an inexpensive way to keep a cruise ship stateroom organized. They come in handy to hang up wet towels and bathing suits or create extra closet space by using them to hang up purses, belts, and ties. They are one of the most useful gifts on this list.

11. Magnetic Clips

Like magnetic hooks, magnetic clips will help keep the space organized. They are a practical gift that will be well utilized in a cruise cabin. On my last cruise, I used them to hang up important documents like excursion passes, tickets for onboard activities, and other reservations.

12. Laundry Hamper

A pop-up laundry hamper is an excellent item to gift the cruise addict on your list. Dirty laundry will have its own place in the hamper instead of being strewn about the cruise ship cabin.

13. Dry Bag

There are many different uses for a dry bag. I use a waterproof bag to pack my wet bathing suits on travel days. This ensures my dry items stay dry. It would be great for a cruiser who wanted to take advantage of the cruise ship’s hot tub on the final night, without having to worry about how they’d pack the wet swimwear.

14. Alarm Clock

A lot of cruisers love having a travel alarm clock in their cruise staterooms. It eliminates the need to rely on a cell phone to check the time in the middle of the night.

15. Fan

As previously mentioned, cruise cabins are small. The size can also lead to them getting stuffy. A small battery-operated fan will help solve that problem.

16. Over the Door Shoe Organizer

The over-the-door shoe organizer was my personal favorite item I took on my first cruise. The cruise cabin bathroom is tiny and has minimal counter space. We used the shoe organizer for storing all of our toiletries, makeup, etc. It created so much extra space!

17. Non-surge Protected Power Bar

There are very few outlets aboard a cruise ship. Surge protectors will be a lifesaver for making sure all electronics stay charged.

18. Poo-Pouri

One of the most popular items cruisers take, and something that requires no further explanation.

19. Travel Night Light

A travel night light is a necessity for inside cabins, they are pitch black.

20. Folding Travel Mirror

As mentioned previously, the cruise ship bathrooms are small. Only one person can fit in them at a time. This can create a problem if multiple people must get ready at the same time. A folding travel mirror will resolve this problem.

21. Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

So, they might not be essential, but they are a fun gift idea, especially for cruisers going on their honeymoon.

Surprise Gifts to Leave in the Cruise Ship Cabin

A great gift idea that any cruise lover would appreciate, is a surprise gift left in the cruise ship stateroom. To order the gift, you will need to know the cruise ship, sail date, and passenger information. The gifts can be through the cruise line’s online store and delivered on the date you specify. Below are a few thoughtful gift ideas.

22. Wine or Champagne

A bottle of wine or champagne would be the perfect gift to have delivered to a stateroom for a couple celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon. Birthdays or special achievements are also fantastic occasions and worthy of a special bottle of wine or champagne.

23. Specialty Food

There are usually several different options for food related gifts. Cookies and milk would be a fun option for kiddos if offered, or a specialty cheese plate for adults. Anything you choose will be appreciated.

24. Flowers

Another option for surprise gifts would be to have flowers delivered to the stateroom.

25. Stateroom Décor

If the cruiser on your gift list will be celebrating a special occasion or important accomplishment, a great gift would be to have their cruise stateroom decorated. A decorated stateroom would be a huge surprise and add a lot of fun to embarkation day.

Useful Gifts for Cruise Excursions

One of the best parts about a cruise is getting to explore the different ports. Some cruisers opt to explore the destinations on their own, and others like to take part in cruise excursions. The gifts below are great options for cruisers to use off-ship, whether they’re on an arranged tour or on their own.

26. Travel Water Bottle

A travel water bottle will help the cruiser on your gift list save a lot of money. Bottled water does not come free with the cruise fare and is an extra cost cruiser incur. It’s important to stay hydrated on vacation, so a reusable water bottle will come in handy. I highly recommend a Hydro Flask water bottle.

27. Cruise Lanyard

No more digging around a bottomless bag! Cruise hands-free with these cruise lanyards. They are especially helpful for cruisers as they board the ship on embarkation day or after a long day of touring.

28. Water Shoes

Keep those feet safe with water shoes. They are a necessary item to have if any of the cruise excursions include water activities.

29. Travel Sized First Aid Kit

There is a first aid station aboard the ship, but it’s important to have some first aid items available for days spent off the ship too. This little kit will fit perfectly in a day bag.

30. Travel Size Umbrella

We can never predict the weather, and getting caught in the rain unprepared is no fun. A travel-size umbrella is a great gift for any cruiser or traveler.

Luxury Gifts for Cruise Lovers

Sometimes it’s nice to give a gift that is a bit of a splurge item. The items below are a nice mix of luxurious, unique, thoughtful, and perfect for when you want a gift that will really WOW.

31. Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is lightweight and portable. It’s one of the best e-readers available and the perfect gift for someone going on a cruise vacation.

32. Digital Camera

There is so much to see and experience on a cruise. Help the cruiser in your life capture their cruise memories by gifting them a digital camera like the Sony RX 100 III.

33. Noise Canceling Headphones

You can’t go wrong with gifting a pair of noise-canceling headphones. They are a bit pricey but worth every penny, especially when flying to the embarkation city.

34. Go Pro

A GoPro is the perfect gift for an avid cruiser. The GoPro Hero12 is the latest and greatest, featuring enhanced visuals, improved stabilization, and revolutionary HDR. The person on your gift list will be able to capture the sights and sounds on their excursions like never before.

35. Shore Excursions

Gifting someone a shore excursion to remember is the perfect cruise gift idea. You will need to know the name of the ship and the sail date to purchase this gift. I also recommend booking an excursion through the cruise line directly or through a vetted shore excursion company.

36. A Cruise

Yes, this is a splurge gift, but giving the gift of a cruise vacation is something that any cruise aficionado would be deeply thankful to receive. Schedule a call with one of your local travel agents to get pricing and different options. They will help you plan and book the perfect surprise cruise.

Gifts for All Cruisers

The items below would be perfect for any cruiser on your gift list. Some of them are travel essentials, and others are items that will make the cruising experience that much more enjoyable.

37. Portable Lockbox Safe

One issue that cruisers often face is where to store valuables while they are enjoying their excursions. This portable lockbox safe is perfect for keeping small items secure so they can enjoy their time worry-free.

38. Passport Holder

Another great gift idea is a passport holder. More often than not, going on a cruise requires passengers to bring their passports. A passport cover is extra protection for that all-important document. It helps protect against wear and tear and from any liquids being spilled on it. I like how a brightly colored one can help me easily and quickly identify it in my purse.

39. Gift Cards

A gift card is a great gift for anyone who loves to cruise. One option would be to purchase a cruise line-specific gift certificate. You could also purchase gift cards that would come in handy during or for their travel. Below are some great gift card ideas.

  • Southwest Airlines
  • Delta
  • Starbucks
  • American Airlines
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • VISA

40. Compression Packing Cubes

I am a big fan of packing cubes and have been for some time now, but the compression packing cubes are on another level. They are so good. First, they keep everything organized. Second, they create even more space than the regular ones. When I travel, I like to use one for each type of clothing I am packing- one cube will be for workout wear, another for casual outfits, a third for dressy outfits, and a fourth for pajamas and undergarments.

The compression packing cubes by Bagail are fantastic. They are at a fantastic price point and come in plenty of colors and different set sizes (4, 5, or 6 pieces). Having different colors is great for family cruisers, each family member can have their own color.

41. Electronic Accessories Organizer

We all have so many electronic devices, and each device has a specific charging cord. Those who cruise often understand the struggle when they find all the cords tangled up into one giant mess. A tech organizer helps keep everything nice and tidy and would be a great gift for any traveling techie. They make it so much easier to access everything and are great space savers too.

42. Hanging Toiletry Bag

My old toiletry bag was a disaster. It was bulky, didn’t have adequate storage space, and wasn’t functional. Then, I was introduced to this bag by Bagsmart. It’s perfect. I can pack more in this toiletry bag than I was in the previous one, and it takes up much less space in my suitcase.

43. Sea Bands

Sea Bands are a cruise necessity. They help prevent motion sickness during cruises or boating excursions.

44. Apple AirTags

I purchased these for a Mediterranean Cruise because I was so concerned about my luggage getting lost and not having my gown for the formal night. Thankfully my luggage arrived as it should, but you can never be too prepared. Personally, I will never travel without them.

45. Stainless Steel Straws

Major cruise lines have pledged to become more environmentally friendly. One way they are doing this is by banning all plastic straws and switching to paper straws or no straws at all. These portable stainless steel straws make a fun gift for cruisegoers.

46. Cruise Luggage Tags

Cruisers have to put cruise line specific luggage tags on their bags before embarkation day. These plastic holders make this process so much easier and eliminate the need for stapling or using tape.

Royal Caribbean
Holland America

47. Waterproof Phone Case

These waterproof phone cases are perfect for keeping phones dry during a day at the beach or while on an excursion. Your cruiser can even take underwater photos on their phone with them.

48. Carryon Bag

Having a great carry-on bag is a must-have item for all cruisers. When giving a carry-on as a gift, keep in mind that it needs to be large enough for a change of clothes, essential toiletries and medications, electronic chargers, a bathing suit, and any other items one would need before their luggage arrives at the stateroom. I also recommend that it be lightweight and easy to carry or have wheels. This one from LUGGEX is one of my favorite carry-on pieces because of the laptop pocket.

49. Luggage Set

A great set of luggage is not just a cruise necessity, it’s a travel essential. This two-piece set from Samsonite is ultra-light, has double spinner wheels that roll super smooth and is overall great quality. The set comes with a 21-inch carry-on and a 28-inch checked bag. The 24-inch medium piece can be purchased separately.

50. Travel Jewelry Case

I have tried many different travel jewelry cases, and this one is by far my favorite. It is much lighter than a leather case, it’s thin enough to not take up a lot of space, and my necklaces don’t tangle. I like that it comes in different sizes and a few different colors too. The best part is the price is extremely reasonable.

51. Pill Case

While not the most exciting item, a travel pill organizer is another very practical gift for a person who loves to travel. There is no need to carry around multiple bottles that only take up space or store them in Ziploc bags. This pill organizer comes in two different sizes and a few different colors.

52. Luggage Scale

One of my greatest fears, as an overpacker, is getting stuck at the airport with an overweight bag. If the jet setter on your list, is also prone to overpacking, they could use a portable luggage scale. They are small enough to slip into the luggage and provide accurate weight measurements, ensuring no overweight fees are incurred.

53. Noshinku Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Who says hand sanitizer has to come in a boring bottle and smell terrible? It doesn’t. Help keep your frequent flyer healthy and germ-free with these beautiful hand sanitizers from Noshinku. They would make a fantastic stocking stuffer if you’re shopping for a holiday gift.

54. Travel Journal

A journal would be a great gift for someone about to embark on a cruise. It’s a great place for them to jot down their memories and document their voyage. A travel blogger would especially appreciate this as a gift.

I like the 5 Minute Journal because it only takes 5 minutes to write about my experiences. So much happens on our vacations, and it’s nice to have the journal to look back on and truly appreciate all that happened.

55. Sleep Mask

The gift of a good night’s sleep is one that any cruise lover will be grateful for, and this weighted eye mask makes it possible. The weighted beads provide just the right amount of pressure to help relax the nerves around the eyes to provide maximum relaxation while blocking out light to create a completely dark environment. I have one of these on my wish list, as I struggle with falling asleep on long-haul flights. Many reviewers say they can’t sleep without it, and over 2,500 people have given it a 5-star review.

56. Travel Pillow

Help your cruiser catch some extra zzz’s on the plane ride with this travel pillow by Cabeau. It has adjustable straps that attach to any headrest which will prevent the pillow from slipping out of place. The adjustable chin rest provides additional comfort, and it is machine washable. It is a bit large, but it rolls up nicely.

57. Toiletry Containers

Many people buy products in bulk, and while that saves money and is convenient at home, it’s impractical to pack liter-size bottles of shampoo and conditioner when traveling. First off, they won’t pass through security in a carry-on and secondly, they’re heavy and take up way too much space. Buying travel sizes in products is also extremely expensive.

The perfect solution is travel-sized toiletry bottles. The bottles by Mrsdry are leakproof, squeezable, and 3oz- making them TSA-approved.

58. Travel Mug

A good quality travel mug is essential for all cruise lovers. They are perfect for keeping beverages cold while spending an afternoon in the sun on the pool deck. This Yeti travel mug would make a great gift.

59. Portable Phone Charger

Having a fully charged phone is so important when exploring one of the ports of call. Gift the cruiser on your gift list, a portable charger to ensure they always have a full charge.

The portable charger by Anker is one of the best available. Its super slim design makes it easy to tuck into the pocket of a carry-on. It also can charge devices multiple times before needing to be charged.

60. UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

A UV toothbrush sanitizer is much more effective at keeping germs off a toothbrush than the snap-on plastic covers. This one by Bril will keep the germs at by and act as a travel toothbrush cover.

61. Sheet Masks

All types of travel can be dehydrating. Cruising is no different. These sheet masks keep the face hydrated and glowing. I always travel with a few.

Gifts for Warm Weather Cruises

There are so many cruise itineraries available, and the items below are specifically for cruises heading to warm-weather destinations. Whether the ship is sailing through the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera, these are gifts that the cruiser on your list is sure to love.

62. Towel Clips

Towel clips are a fun and useful gift. They not only help keep a towel in place, but they are also great chair identifiers and placeholders. There are many different options too, everything from basic to ones that have a lot of personality.

63. Towel Bands

A lot of cruisers are starting to prefer towel bands to towel clips because they hold the towel in place more securely than the clips.

64. Swimsuit Cover-up

A beautiful swimsuit cover-up is essential for walking comfortably from the cruise ship stateroom to the pool deck.

65. Reef Safe Sunscreen

Reef-safe sunscreen is required in most cruise ports. It would make a great stocking stuffer or included in a gift basket.

66. Aloe Vera Gel

Sometimes we get a bit too much sun, no matter how hard we try not to. Aloe Vera is great for easing the pain of any unwanted sunburn.

67. Microfiber Beach Towel

These lightweight beach towels are perfect for excursion days. They help dry quickly and help keep the sand where it belongs- the beach!

68. Neck Fan

A portable neck fan is the perfect gift for someone going on a warm-weather cruise. The neck fan by JISULIFE is one of the highest-rated options on the market. It lasts for up to 16 hours, making it perfect for a full-day excursion.

69. Beach Bag

This beach bag is a necessity for carrying all the important items from the cruise cabin to the pool. It’s large enough to fit a Kindle, sunscreen, phone water bottle and more.

70. Sun Hat Clip

I’ve always struggled with packing hats, especially a large sun hat. This little clip is a game changer, as it clips the hat to the outside of a bag. It’s such a simple gift idea, but one that is sure to be used often.

Gifts for Alaskan Cruisers

An Alaskan cruise is a dream vacation for many. It’s also a vacation that requires special gear or clothing that a cruiser may only use for that one trip. The items on this list will be great gifts for someone you know going on an Alaskan cruise.

71. Binoculars

The scenery and wildlife are one of the major reasons people go on an Alaskan cruise. These binoculars will help the cruiser be able to fully see and appreciate the natural beauty.

72. Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket will keep your cruiser comfortable in the Arctic. From standing on the ship deck as it pulls into port to hiking the breathtaking trails, they will be grateful for the warmth it provides.

73. Bug Repellant Patches

Mosquitos are the unofficial state bird of Alaska. These bug-repellant patches will do a great job of keeping them away.

74. Bear Bell

There is a good chance that a bear will be seen on an Alaskan cruise excursion. Bears do not like to be surprised, so it is advised to make noises when hiking and exploring the wilderness. Wearing a bear bell warns bears, and other animals, of your presence.

75. Travel Shoe Bag

A travel shoe bag is a great gift for cruisers going to Alaska. They will more than likely be spending quite a bit of time outdoors, and possibly some hiking, on their trip. The weather in Alaska while unpredictable, is usually wet. These shoe bags will ensure the rest of the items in their luggage are not exposed to any mud, dirt, or debris.

76. Snow Boots

There will be snow and ice in Alaska, even in the summer, and snow boots are a must-have item.

Gifts for Cruisers Sailing Through Europe

There are so many wonderful cruise itineraries throughout Europe. Everything from cruising the Mediterranean to cruises that sail through Norway, and even world cruises! A cruise goer will require destination-specific items for these voyages, and I’ve listed some below that would make great gifts.

77. Anti-Theft Backpack

Pickpockets are, unfortunately very common in Europe and they know how to spot tourists. Give the gift of protection with an anti-theft backpack or purse, like this one from Pacsafe.

It is made from cut-proof material and has an RFID-blocking pocket to keep credit cards, IDs, and other small valuables safe. The padded main compartment can easily store a 15” laptop and 10” tablet.

78. Blister Bandages

Not really a glamorous gift, but they will be appreciated. Even wearing the best walking shoes, blisters can still develop due to the number of steps that one takes trekking through Europe.

79. Pashmina

A pashmina is a great gift for cruise travelers because it is extremely versatile. It can function as a beautiful scarf, a light blanket for the plane, a swimsuit cover-up, and a shawl to cover shoulders while touring religious sites.

80. International Power Adapter

One of the must-have items when traveling abroad is a converter and adapter combo. While it might not be the most exciting gift, it is a very practical gift. They can both be purchased separately because they have different functions. A travel adapter is what is needed in many other countries to adapt the outlets for US electronics. A converter converts the voltage to match that of the appliance.

The Best Gifts for Cruise Lovers

Gift Guide for Cruise lovers grid. Photos of A pink beach towel, black binoculars, a floral swimsuit cover up, tan straw beach bag with straw hat and black and gold clip, lavendar rain coat, and white night light

Any of these gifts would work great on their own, and there are quite a few that would work well together as a part of a cruise-themed gift basket.

I hope you found this list helpful! I’d love to hear about your favorite cruising essentials in the comments below!

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    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you! I’m a wine-o myself and always love a good wine accessory!

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    There are so many fun and unique gift ideas – all perfect for the avid cruiser. I would love a neck fan as it’s perfect on hot days at the pool in general – and on a cruise!

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      Thank you for stopping by! The neck fan is a game changer on a hot day!

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    Yes, I love these ideas! My favorites were the waterproof phone bag and bear bell! So useful, especially on cruises to Alaska!

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