Romantic Things to Do in Sedona: 21 of the Best Ideas

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This post is all about the most romantic things to do in Sedona. Keep reading for 21 of the most romantic things to do on your next trip to Sedona.

The Most Romantic Things to Do in Sedona

If you’re looking for the most romantic things to do in Sedona, whether it’s for a honeymoon or a romantic getaway, this post is for you. With its majestic red rock formations, the mystical vortexes, and a vibe that is equal parts serene and adventurous, it’s easy to see why Sedona is such a great place for couples to go for a romantic getaway.  I find that Sedona is the perfect place for a couple’s getaway because there is plenty to do and at the same time it’s not crowded or too busy. It’s the best place to spend quality time with your special person and reconnect. To learn more, you will want to keep reading- this post will tell you all about the most romantic things to do in Sedona.

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When to Visit Sedona

The best time of the year to visit Sedona is in the spring (between March and May) or in the fall (between September and November). The temperatures during this time of year are fantastic for enjoying all of Sedona’s outdoor activities. 

How to Get to Sedona

If you are flying into Arizona, you will want to fly into Phoenix and rent a vehicle to take the 2-hour drive to Sedona. There are a few different routes, but consider taking State Route 89A through Oak Creek Canyon, which is the best scenic drive. It’s even been designated one of Arizona’s Scenic Byways.

If you are planning a day trip to see the Grand Canyon, it’s just a 2-hour trip. And it would be well worth it! However, you might not have time in your itinerary, as Sedona offers many romantic things for couples to enjoy.

The Most Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Sedona

Red Rock Formations in Sedona are so romantic

Go Wine Tasting

It may come as a surprise, but Sedona has fantastic wine! The Verde Valley is the perfect place for hearty varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon to grow. This is due to the amount of warm sunshine it gets, paired with the cool evenings, and the rich volcanic soil. Its climate mimics that of some of the best wine regions in the world.

Wine Tours of Sedona offers many different tour options, including a Romantic Date Night Wine & Dinner Tour. For couples who choose this tour, you will have the opportunity to taste wine at DA Ranch and Vineyard located along the banks of Oak Creek, and have a romantic dinner at Up the Creek. It’s a great way to celebrate a special occasion, spend quality time together, and sample wines from the Verde Valley Wine Trail.

There are also plenty of tasting rooms and wineries that you can opt to visit for a more casual experience. Page Springs Cellars has a tasting room and bistro that is open 365 days a year. They have a great menu and fantastic wine, it’s definitely worth checking out!

Go For a Guided Horseback Ride

Is there anything more classic than riding a horse in the American Southwest desert? I can’t think of anything. There are quite a few different horseback riding tours you and your partner can take, and they are great for all skill levels.

One of the most fun is the Cowpoke Ride. A professional wrangler will guide you for an hour and a half on horseback through canyons and Sedona’s wine country.

Hike the Devil’s Bridge Trail

Hiking the Devil's Bridge in Sedona is a romantic thing for couples to do

Sedona is one of the best places in the country for hiking. One of the most scenic, and iconic hikes in Sedona is hiking the Devil’s Bridge Trail. The hike is just under 2 miles. For the most part, it’s pretty easy. Depending on your skill level, you might find there are some parts of the trail with a challenging incline. Your efforts will be rewarded with an incredible view from the sandstone arch.

It is a very popular hike and attracts many tourists during the high season. My recommendation to beat the crowds and have a more romantic experience is to get there early. Like at 6:00 am early. Arriving early will also help ensure you get a parking spot, as parking is very limited.

Take a Pottery Class

Sedona is home to a thriving arts scene. The small town is home to hundreds of artists and many galleries that visitors can enjoy. For art-loving couples, channel your inner Demi Moore or Patrick Swasey, and create a piece of pottery together.

Ceramic classes are held weekly at the Sedona Arts Center in Uptown Sedona. Don’t feel intimidated if you’re a beginner. The crash courses are perfect for beginners and those who are more experienced.

Learning a new skill as a couple is a great way to build connection and deepen the romance. Plus, you get to take home a hand-crafted souvenir.

Take a Helicopter Ride

For a breathtaking and unforgettable tour of Sedona, consider taking a helicopter tour. It’s a cool way to see Sedona from a completely different viewpoint.

There are a few different tours to choose from, doors on or doors off. Either way, your hearts will be racing as you take in the great views of Sedona. You’ll fly over canyons and pass sacred grounds, like the famous Chapel of the Holy Cross.

A helicopter tour is not as expensive as one might imagine. Different flight options give visitors the ability to pick the amount spent and the sites they will see.

Go for a Ride with Pink Jeep Tours

Pink Jeep Tours is a perfect outdoor activities

The Pink Jeep Tours is one of the most popular tours in Sedona. Don’t expect a leisurely drive around Sedona, these tours are an off-road adventure. The signature tour is the Broken Arrow Tour. This tour will give you exclusive access to the trail and miles of red-rock formations. You’ll get to enjoy the panoramic views of red rock country.

The tour guides are fun, and informative and make the experience even more memorable. Not only do you get to see the beauty of Sedona, but you’ll learn a great deal too. It’s a great excursion for first-time visitors. I would recommend wearing clothing that you are fine with getting dirty- the jeep is open, so you’ll get quite dusty! For a romantic twist, book a tour close to sunset.

Experience the Spiritual Energy

As I mentioned earlier, Sedona is known for its energy vortexes. These vortexes are believed to emit spiritual and healing energy. This makes Sedona an ideal place for prayer, meditation, and quiet reflection.

A visit to Sedona would be the best time for couples to connect on a spiritual level, as they will be surrounded by this powerful energy. It’s believed that all of Sedona is in a vortex but consider finding a supercharged vortex. These are said to be located at Bell Rock, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and Cathedral Rock.

Book a Spa Day

After all of the outdoor adventures, you might find that a day at the spa is just what you and your partner need to truly relax. Well, you’re in luck, because Sedona has some of the most impressive spas.

Several luxurious resorts in the area have fabulous spas on the property. Some of them don’t require you to be staying at the resort to book spa services.  The spa at L’ Auberge de Sedona has many different services to pick from. Signature treatments include couples’ massages which would be a great way to soothe tight muscles. You could also pick from different packages that would give you a longer and more holistic experience. No matter what you choose, a day at the spa is the perfect addition to your romantic getaway.

Spend the Time at Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

The Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village

One of the best things to do in Sedona is to visit the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village. There are over 50 shops, restaurants, and art galleries to explore. The plaza is reminiscent of a traditional Mexican village- cobblestone walkways, stucco, and arched entryways all help create the old-world charm.

You can purchase items ranging from beautiful paintings to colorful silks and glass-blown pieces and jewelry. The designs are heavily influenced by the American Southwest. Many of the items that you will find here are hand-crafted by local artists. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see an artist working on one of their pieces as you pass by.

Take a Scenic Drive

If hiking isn’t something you and your special person enjoy, or if you just need a break, don’t think you can’t enjoy the natural beauty of Sedona. Hop in the car and take a scenic drive to appreciate the stunning scenery.

The Red Rock Scenic Byway is one of the best drives in Sedona. It’s a 7.5-mile road that goes through Sedona’s Red Rock Country.

For a more relaxing and romantic experience, avoid afternoons as traffic can be crazy. Instead, hit the road early, grab a couple of coffees, and make the drive as the sun rises onto the red rock formations.

Go for a Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride in Sedona is so romantic

One of the most romantic activities you can do in Sedona is a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. It combines the thrill of adventure with the tranquility of a shared experience with your sweetheart.

You’ll float gently above Sedona’s stunning landscape. Taking in the iconic red rocks below as the sunrises with your partner is nothing short of incredible. A hot air balloon ride is a great option for couples who want to see Sedona from a bird’s eye view but prefer a calmer experience than a helicopter ride.

Practice Yoga Together          

Yoga promotes intimacy and connection, making it one of the most romantic things a couple can do during their time in Sedona. There are several different yoga options for couples to choose from. Many of the experiences, are held outdoors and include short hikes so you can practice amongst the mystical red rocks and energetic vortexes. The yogis guide you and your partner to become clearer and more open to releasing and receiving. This leads you to a deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.

Explore Coconino National Forest

Coconino National Forest has romantic hiking trails

The Coconino National Forest gives couples a peaceful and secluded escape from the business of everyday life. For nature-loving couples, it provides an idyllic place to connect with each other and with nature.

There are plenty of trails to choose from. Whether you are looking for an easier path where you can walk hand-in-hand or a more adventurous and challenging hike. You will be able to explore the diverse landscape- from the mountains and canyons to wading in the winding creeks and streams.

Enjoy Live Music at Vino Di Sedona

For couples who love live music and a fun atmosphere, check out Vino Di Sedona. It’s a great place to grab a glass of wine or a nice craft beer and listen to live music. They have live music 6 nights a week, they’re closed on Mondays. Make sure to check the calendar to see who is playing!

It’s a hidden gem in Sedona, but locals are writing rave reviews, so I can’t imagine it will be a hidden gem much longer.

Enjoy a Sweet Treat

If you and your special person believe the only way to treat yourselves after a big hike is with a cool, sweet treat, then you will want to keep reading. Sedona has some great options and some really unique flavors.

For an authentic gelato experience in Uptown, PussyCat Gelato is the place to go. All of their gelato is handmade and 100% natural. They have 15 flavors to choose from and have been voted the best gelato in town.

If ice cream is what you or your sweetheart crave then you must try a Sedona staple, Black Cow Café. They have handmade ice creams, smoothies, coffee and lunch items. You must try the Prickly Pear.

Hike to Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock, Sedona is one of the most romantic spots in Arizona

The Cathedral Rock Trail offers some of the most awe-inspiring panoramic views in Sedona. It also happens to be one of the most photographed landmarks in Sedona. These are just two reasons why it is one of the most popular hikes in the area.

Hiking Cathedral Rock will not take too long, as it’s just over a mile in length. It’s not a difficult hike, with an elevation gain of 744 feet. The hardest part of the hike is a small crag area where you will have to climb on your hands and knees. It’s not as hard as it sounds! There are even stone steps that take you to the top, where you will see a sign that says, “End of Trail.”

Cathedral Rock is also known for its spiritual energy and is believed to be a vortex site. Even if you are not a believer, there is no denying the sense of tranquility and connection to something greater than yourselves, as you stand on the summit. powerful.

For a touch of romance, hike the trail an hour before sunset. The experience of watching the sunset from the top of Cathedral Rock will be something you and your partner will remember for a lifetime.

Date Night Dinner

While outdoor activities and energetic vortexes are the main attractions for Sedona, it’s also a city with a fantastic restaurant scene. For a romantic date night in Sedona, get dressed up and enjoy dinner at one of Sedona’s fine dining restaurants.

For a truly unique fine dining experience, Cress on Oak Creek provides an unmatched experience in an ideal location. You and your special person will sit among the trees and beside the creek, where you dine on dishes prepared from local ingredients. The Chef’s Tasting menu is a three or six-course offering, and wine pairings can be added. It’s an exceptional experience.

Spend the Evening Stargazing

Most Romantic Things to do in Sedona is stargazing with your special person

If you’re looking for one of the most romantic things to do in the evening, might I suggest grabbing a blanket and a bottle of wine and heading outside to enjoy the night sky? You can totally book an experience led by an expert astronomer. But I think it’s more romantic to go rogue and experience this on your own.

Sedona is one of only 20 certified Dark Sky Communities in the world, making it one of the best places for stargazing.

Pack a Picnic

Nestled along the banks of Oak Creek and framed by the majestic Cathedral Rock is the Crescent Moon Picnic Site. This is the perfect place for a romantic picnic for two. Pick a spot away from the picnic areas and lay a blanket underneath the trees.

Pack your picnic basket with your favorite items. Basha’s Supermarket is a premium market where you can pick up chef-prepared meals or purchase your favorite goodies. Don’t forget to stop by Chocola Tree for gourmet chocolates to end your picnic on a sweet note.

Go for a Dip at Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park is perfect for a romantic dip

Slide Rock State Park is known for its 80-foot slippery slope that is formed from the red rocks. Locals and visitors alike come to the park to take a dip in the refreshing water from Oak Creek. The creek is situated below an apple orchard and surrounded by majestic red rocks.

It’s a good place for you and your partner to cool off after a day of exploring the park’s hiking trails. The slide is known for bringing out your inner child and creating memories to last a lifetime. And who better to experience this than with your special person?

Stay at a Romantic Hotel

There are quite a few options when it comes to accommodations. For your romantic vacation, consider splurging on a stay at one of the luxury resorts like Enchantment Resort. It’s a beautiful resort situated among the wilderness and at the base of Boynton Canyon.

All of the rooms have a private deck or patio overlooking the amazing views. The resort is located close to over 50 hiking trails and hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails. The onsite spa, Mii amo is world-class.

The dining experiences at Enchantment are also award-winning and feature seasonal menus. If you and your special person are looking for the perfect romantic getaway, then staying at Enchantment Resort is a must.

Romantic Things to do in Sedona

Sedona is such a magical and beautiful destination and makes for a perfect getaway with your special person. I hope this post helped you fill your vacation itinerary with some of the most romantic things to do in Sedona.

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20 responses to “Romantic Things to Do in Sedona: 21 of the Best Ideas”

  1. Tracy McHugh Avatar
    Tracy McHugh

    I loved Sedona when I visited years ago! Next time I visit, I will have to go to Cathedral Rock and Devil’s Bridge.

    1. katie Avatar

      Yes, you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Jasmine Avatar

    I would have never thought of Sedona as a romantic getaway, but this post definitely made me reconsider! The Hot air ballon excursion looks like fun, and I would imagine the views are incredibly beautiful from up there!

    1. katie Avatar

      You are right, the views are unbeatable!

  3. Christine Avatar

    I love these ideas! All the great outdoor/hiking spots are especially favorites. Arizona wasn’t really on my radar but I think it has to be now!

    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you so much, Christine! I appreciate you stopping by. Sedona is such a great mix of everything, glad it’s on your radar now!

  4. Angelia Avatar

    I want to visit Sedona after reading this post! Looks like so much fun and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. katie Avatar

      It is a blast! I hope you get to visit soon!

  5. Ann Avatar

    That sounds absolutely dreamy! Sedona, with its stunning red rocks and mystical vibes, seems like the perfect spot for a romantic adventure. It’s a great teaser for anyone planning a special getaway! Thanks for posting.

    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you for stopping by! It is a dreamy destination for sure!

  6. Katy Trott Avatar

    What amazing photos! We wanted to visit Sedona last year…….ended up having the kids talk us into Disney World instead!!

    1. katie Avatar

      Disney World is fun too! Totally different vibe than Sedona, but I imagine wonderful memories were made!

  7. jeanne dee Avatar

    My second attempt at leaving a comment, not sure why. Anyhoo, I love this post and photos. Sedona is a fave spot, but it has been a while, so it was great to relive it a bit through this post and inspires me to go again soon!

    1. katie Avatar

      Thank you so much for stopping by! Sedona is near and dear to my heart, I’m glad you liked the post!

  8. Jaqueline Avatar

    These are great and there are so many options, which I appreciate! My personal favorites are horseback riding and star gazing!

  9. Meeka Avatar

    It doesn’t get any more romantic than star gazing in the desert! Saving this for Valentine’s Day

  10. Taylor Avatar

    I’m headed to Sedona in October for a wedding so this post is perfect! Good to know that Oct is a good time of the year to go. Looking forward to all the hiking and wine tasting (:

    1. katie Avatar

      Awesome! October is a fantastic time to visit Sedona. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  11. LL Avatar

    Highly suggest the balloon ride.

    1. katie Avatar

      Yes! It is quite a fabulous experience!

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